2019 Award Recipients


Afnan Tolba – Stanford University, Stanford, CA, US
B.A., Political Science and Communications (2023 Expected)
Afnan Tolba is a first-generation American and a full-fledged social justice advocate.  An incoming freshman at Stanford University, she plans to double major in political science and communications before attending law school.  She hopes to become a civil rights lawyer and play her part in making sure that the Constitution is truly carried out for the people.

Gaurab Lama – Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
MSc, Structural Engineering and Building Technology (2021 Expected)
Gaurab Lama is a civil engineer working in construction, with a bachelor’s in engineering from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.  With nearly 4 years of work experience, Gaurab would like to become a structural engineer.  He was heavily involved in damage assessment and reconstruction after the 2015 Nepal earthquakes, and wants to improve Nepal’s disaster risk resilience.  He also wants to build better infrastructure and improve the connectivity of remote Nepali villages with the rest of the world to increase opportunities for growth.  He is an avid traveler, die-hard Arsenal FC fan, loves rock, metal, and photography.

Gianna Della Sera – UNT Dallas College of Law, Dallas, TX, US
J.D., Law (2022 Expected)
Gianna Della Sera has wanted to go to law school since she was a kid, and knew that if Elle Woods could go to school, overcome stereotypes, and do something more, she could too.  Before law school, Gianna attended SMU, where she majored in sociology and minored in psychology.  Her interests are in criminal law, but she is open to other opportunities.  Beyond law school, Gianna is a makeup artist and model, who enjoys reading fiction, going on adventures (no matter how small), and flying on her dad’s bi-plane.

Iman Davis – Howard University, Washington, D.C., US
B.A., Business Management and Political Science (2023 Expected)
Iman Joseph Davis is a freshman at Howard University, majoring in business management and minoring in political science on the pre-law track.  He will be a first generation college graduate, and plans to attend law school to increase his earning potential and help his family and community.  He wants to mentor young males in his childhood community, living in situations like those he experienced, to send them to college and help erase the negative statistics that plague his community.

Laura Smith – Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO, US
B.S., Meteorology (2023 Expected)
Laura Smith is a full-time student at Metropolitan State University, working a part-time job on campus as her sole source of income.  A weather and climate enthusiast, she is pursuing a declared major in research meteorology.  Her goal is to someday be part of the solution to climate change.

Lucas Palmer – University of Montana, Missoula, MT, US
B.A., Journalism, International Relations and Photography (2023 Expected)
Lucas Palmer is a soon-to-be freshman at the University of Montana.  He will study journalism, with a focus on international relations and photography.  He hopes to combine his artistic abilities in writing and public speaking to advocate for underrepresented communities, like Native American and LGBT people.  He also wants to answer questions about identity through photography and film-making, and explore new perspectives from people across cultures.  He hopes to change the world through expository writing about global issues, one political piece at a time.  If all goes well, he hopes to attend law school.