About Scott

Scott Kennedy is an attorney, admitted to practice law in New York; an incoming litigation associate at a preeminent law firm; and a graduate of CUNY School of Law (2020) and CUNY Lehman (2015), where he studied political science and met President Barack Obama.

Before law school, Scott was a paralegal supporting criminal justice involved youth at Youth Represent (2015-2017).  Through the CUNY Service Corps and Year Up, he prepared young adults for corporate careers (2013-2015).  Beyond work, Scott has provided free legal services to: (1) tenants via Housing Conservation Coordinators (2018-2020); (2) people in prison via the Parole Preparation Project (2016-2017); and (3) legal permanent residents via Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow and GMHC (2016-2017).

“Paying the opportunities forward that he was able to receive is important to Scott, so he set up a small scholarship program of his own to support students like him, which he plans to grow as he earns more.” —John B. King Jr., President and CEO of The Education Trust, Obama Administration U.S. Secretary of Education